AWARDS Embrace The Tanoa Way, Be Authentic: Rohit Reddy

Staff of Tanoa Group of Hotels have been told to embrace the Tanoa Way and to be authentic.

Rohit Reddy, managing director, was speaking during their annual Employee of the Year Awards night, held at the Tanoa International Hotel on Wednesday night.

Tanoa Group is now the country’s biggest hotel operator with properties in Fiji, Tonga, Samoa and New Zealand.

“Firstly, the Tanoa Way, for me this is our most important document/piece of paper within our company,” Mr Reddy said.

“This clearly defines who we are, how we work, how we treat others and our guests. This is our culture. I urge all of you to put some of these values into your daily lives:

Help each other succeed

Be honest and passionate


Show our guests that we care

Give people more than they expect

He added the more people here that adopt the Tanoa Way, the stronger our company will be and an even better place to work!!

“It is simple: Be yourself, be open and honest, have fun and also admit what you do and don’t know so we can help you to improve. If you don’t know something, simply admit it. We all don’t know everything. We are here to help you and for others to help you.  Also, Help Others Around You.

“Let’s embrace the Tanoa Way and be authentic and help each other. Our success is our people and we want our people to be the best they can be.”

Celebrity, Sir Gordon Tietjen, the head coach of the Samoan 7s rugby team, was invited by the Group to deliver the keynote address.

He congratulated the all the staff for their awards and advised the staff to continue with the good work.

He said that he have experience the first hand the beauty and joy that is the motivating force behind the quality service offered within the Group whilst in Samoa.

Meanwhile, this year’s theme is “Change…Way to Success”.

The employees are nominated throughout the year for outstanding job performance, extraordinary service, exemplary collaboration, exceptional customer service, and other activities above and beyond the employee’s job responsibilities.

Mr Reddy said: “You are all stars and winners. We really appreciate the effort you all put into your working life.

“This is our small way of saying thank you and recognising you for your passion and dedication.”



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For Any Enquiries

Please contact our friendly staff

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